About the Blog

 This blog is intended to be an outlet for me to express my ideas and opinions concerning various aspects of life to the general public. I may also decide to divulge personal experiences, offer advice, or tell stories of turning points I have reached in my life. Some of the content may have a more serious indepth look, while other articles may be comical and light-hearted.

I plan on covering a very wide range of topics and issues over time and I am open to any suggestions you may have for an article. You can send your ideas to poole_benjamin@scorptek.net

My Background

My name is Benjamin Poole. I am a Canadian student who recently graduated from high school. I have lived all over the world including Mexico and Australia, and I have just recently made my trek back to my hometown in Canada. My parents are also very well travelled, and my mother grew up in the West Indies.

My Interests

My Interests are primarily focused on computers and technology. You could very easily describe me as a computer ‘geek.’ I began computer programming at a young age and to this day it is a very passionate hobby and job of mine. Computers are a significant part of my life and I use them for hours every day without fail. My household is essentially a computer cafe / control centre consisting of countless laptops (dating back to as far as the 1990s), desktops and servers.


My Hardware

Amongst the desktops is a working classic Compaq boasting Windows 3.1 and a malfunctioning read only CD drive. It runs an early version of Netscape Navigator, but only if you don’t mind using dial-up. Other than that it is kept running mostly for nostalgic reasons.

My next desktop is an IBM Aptiva. With a 550 mhz processor, it certainly out performs its predecessor. Believe it or not, with only 96 MB of ram and a 13 GB hard drive it actually runs Windows XP (with the Luna skin).

The HP is next on the list. Bought as a top of the line media centre about 5 years ago, it is now used as a server. It runs a Pentium 4 processor at 2.5 GHz, a marvel at the time of its creation. It also has 1 GB of ram, reaching its maximum capacity. It runs everything in my house from home automation, digital phone system, security system, home web server, and print server. It is perhaps the most reliable machine we have and the one we are most dependent on.

The last of the desktops was purchased as a no-name box. It has a 3.0 Ghz duo core processor with ample amounts of memory and a 256mb dedicated video card. It performs well, although its Pentium 4 processor was of an early prototype, and it overheats excessively. Because of this, it is not suitable for running server apps. Nevertheless it was my first personal, non family-shared computer and I treasure it dearly.

Laptops I will have to go through quickly in order of manufacture date:

My mum and grandma both purchased a primitive dell laptop running Windows ME with a 333 MHz processor and 128mb of ram a long while ago. My mum’s short circuited, but my grandma still uses hers. My grandma also had a laptop before that; and it could barely run Windows 95.

My mum’s newer laptop is a Gateway running XP. With 512 MB of ram and a 1.7 GHz processor, it does ok for what she needs it for.

When I was in Australia, both my brother and I were given Fujitsu laptops from our private school. They also have a 1.7 GHz processor, but contain twice the memory (1 GB) that my mum’s Gateway has.

My dad was also given a laptop for work. It is a Dell machine, and I believe it has a 1.8 GHz duo core processor with 1 GB of memory if I’m not mistaken.

Last but not least, my new laptop. It is an HP 6701b custom Australian build. It has 3 GB of ram, and a 2.2 GHz duo core processor. Unlike most of my other machines, this one runs Vista, which has its good and bad points. At least it won’t be too outdated when Windows 7 arrives next year (according to Gates).


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