Alien Life

10 04 2008

The universe is massive. In fact it is so extensive; we have no idea where it ends, or if it even ends at all. Within this large expanse we have discovered so many planets, star systems and galaxies, that it would be very naive and arrogant of us to consider ourselves the ‘centre of the universe’ in the context of being the only planet able to sustain life.

Scientists have already estimated some 50 billion galaxies to exist just within visible range of modern day telescopes. Each one of these galaxies has as many as hundreds of billions of stars, most likely with their own solar system of orbiting planets.

Let us be conservative in our estimations and say there are only 10,000,000,000,000,000 (ten million billion) planets in the universe. It is extremely difficult to believe that only 1 planet out of those ten million billion has an atmosphere that can support life.

Even if no other planet in the universe could sustain life as we know it, this does not exclude the possibility of life existing in other forms that we cannot yet detect, see, or begin to understand. And let us not forget that the universe is so great that if alien life were to exist, the chances are it would be so distant from our world that it would be impossible for us to physically transport anything to their world using current space technology.

Even sending a radio signal which travels at 300,000 kilometres per second (the speed of light) could take decades or centuries before it reaches the planet of alien inhabitants. The chances of such life forms even receiving the signal, knowing how to interpret it, and then sending a signal back is virtually non-existent.

Such alien life forms could have also designed alternative communication technologies which we do not pick-up when scanning for radio frequency signals. Itis also important to realize that the alien life might be too primitive to even design and operate radio frequency communication technology.

Final thoughts: The existence of alien life is more than just a possibility; it is a theory with overwhelming certainty. Whether we will ever be able to communicate or seek-out such life is yet to be seen, and it is unlikely to happen for at least the next couple of decades, if at all during our life time.




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28 04 2008

I personally beleive that there has to be alien life. It would be very arrogant to believe that Earth is the only planet in the universe which sustaind life. And a planet doesn’t necessarily have to have water, or an atmosphere to sustain life. For humans, yes, but other lifeforms may thrive on other substances. Here’s a question for you though, this one has really bothered me: The universe can’t possibly go on forever, but it also can’t possibly ever stop, so does it stop, or go on forever, or do something else?

5 05 2008

lies, lies, lies, all utter lies I communicated with aliens with nothing more than msn on my computer and a alien communication server for communicating but the message was gargled and all i had to do was merely type with my keyboard and click send, to post the message to send it to them.

5 05 2008

@TwistedBiscuit: this is just my pheory but i think the universe is like a planet wich is holographic which surrounds us, and it exists in thin air in the middle of no where, but that is only my oppinion.

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